Tuesday, January 29, 2008

milwaukee weather

Light to moderate rain started falling on the Jackson metro area early Tuesday afternoon.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Alan Campbell said residents should expect showers and isolated thunderstorms this afternoon and early evening that could bring wind gusts of 25-30 mph.

“It looks like some strong, damaging winds are going to be the primary concern with any storms that develop this afternoon,” Campbell said. He said the most severe weather is expected in northern Mississippi, but it isn’t ruled out in central Mississippi.

The series of storms moving east are expected to be out of Mississippi this evening, ushering in clear skies and replacing today’s highs in the 60s with low temperatures in the mid-30s by Wednesday morning.

The area is currently under a lake wind advisory, warning boaters to either stay off the water or use extreme caution if they’re out.

florida primary results

The 2008 Florida Primary Voting

Florida Primary is considered very important since the results of the 2000 Florida primary results in which George Bush had won in spite of all the predictions.

Winners of the 29,2008 Florida Primary:
Democrats -> Hillary Clinton.
Republicans -> Rudi Giuliani.

Sean Young's Filmography

List of films in which Sean Young appeared.
Year Film Role
1980 Jane Austen in Manhattan Ariadne Charlton
1981 Stripes Louise Cooper
1982 Blade Runner Rachael
1982 Young Doctors in Love Dr. Stephanie Brody
1984 Dune Chani
1985 Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Susan Matthews-Loomis
1987 No Way Out Susan Atwell
1987 Wall Street (film) Kate Gekko
1988 The Boost Linda Brown
1989 Cousins (film) Tish Kozinski
1990 Fire Birds Billie Lee Guthrie
1991 A Kiss Before Dying Dorothy Carlsson
1992 Forever Mary Miles Minter
1992 Love Crimes Dana Greenway
1992 Once Upon A Crime Phoebe
1992 Blue Ice Stacy Mansdorf
1993 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me Twinkle
1993 Even Cow Girls Get The Blues Marie Barth
1993 Fatal Instinct Lola Cain
1994 Bolt Patty Deerheart
1994 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Lt. Lois Einhorn
1995 Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Helen Hyde
1996 The Proprietor Virginia Kelly
1997 The Invader Annie Neilsen
1997 Men Stella James
1998 Out of Control Lena
1999 Motel Blue Lana Hawking
2000 Poor White Trash Linda Bronco
2000 The Amati Girls Christine
2001 Sugar & Spice Mrs. Hill
2001 Mockingbird Don't Sing Dr. Judy Bingham
2002 Threat of Exposure Dr. Daryl Sheleigh
2004 A Killer Within Rebecca 'Becky' Terrill
2004 Until the Night Cosma
2005 Headspace Mother
2006 The Drop Ivy
2006 The Garden Miss Grace Chapman
2006 Living the Dream Brenda

Johan Santana

Hi, interesting interview with Johan Santana :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Google has many data about you!

gmail: He read your emails and store them in his computer center.
google: He see you interests, wich kind of webs do you visit?
google: He knows that you are gay, lesbian, your fetish, your political ideas, how do you think,
youtube: if you are a 'good' guy or not ...
adsenses: He knows your real address (he test it sending you a code)
knows your telefone number (he test it calling you)
knows your bank account, he check it
blogspot session: he is monitoring you always.

new features: He will know if you are a Defaulter.

They continue buying the biggest online companies, and monopolystic actions.

What we can do? any suggestions?
Internet privacy will be Erradicated.